Spelling bee: Here’s how Google is reorganizing its properties under Alphabet

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.27.03 PMWith the announcement that Google has completely reorganized its entire business under a new parent company called Alphabet, there are still many questions floating around about what products belong with what companies now.

Thanks to Google’s SEC filing, we’ve got some answers on that front.

Google will retain ownership of many core web services, such as Gmail, Search, advertising, Google Maps, and Google Plus. YouTube, which still has its own CEO as a subsidiary of Google, will stay within this branch as well.

Android will be operated under the Google branch, just as it is now. It will likely be the only non-web product to stay with the Google brand.

Calico, Google’s longevity project, will spin out into its own company, or “letter” within the larger Alphabet.

Nest will be broken out and continue to work on home automation products, but will do so without the Google name backing their work.

Fiber will become a standalone ISP under Alphabet. It will likely drop “Google” from its name and will probably get a new website to help it stand apart.

Life Sciences, the Google division working a smart contact lens, will become its own company, though it’s unclear if it will keep the rather generic “Life Sciences” name.

Google X, which focuses on “moonshot” products like Glass, self-driving cars, and Project Loon will continue working on these products and more. Whether it will be renamed is uncertain.

Google Ventures and  Google Capital will break out from Google, but will apparently keep the “Google” brand in their names.

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